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Post-apocalypse Mobile Library


Today marks 40 years since the release of Mad Max. One thing I noticed they lacked in all four films was a supply of decent reading material. Despite the collapse of modern civilisation in every meaningful sense they still seemed to be OK for tyres and headlamps and things but where could one go for a copy of Middlemarch? I decided to address this disparity with a mobile library specially adapted for the demanding needs of its members. Happy Birthday Max.



2018 Calendar in collaboration HushKit

Do you like eroticised images of notable 20th century aircraft designers and their mechanical progeny? Would you find a calendar useful? Do you have £16? If your answer to all these questions is ‘oh gosh yes please’ then you might like to indulge yourself with a HushKit calendar (illustrated by me) and featuring such luminaries as Ernst Heinkel, RJ Mitchell and Ed Heinemann, who you can see below being menaced by his beautiful contribution to mid-century modern style, the Douglas A-4 Skyhawk…


To obtain this beautiful, important (and useful) item please see the advertisement immediately below courtesy of the HushKit blog and follow the instructions thereon:

Mr Smashing Returns

Three years and 11 days after starring in an IMPORTANT and MOVING musical film about plastic, ace daredevil and crimefighter the Amazing Mr Smashing is back in an IMPORTANT and MOVING musical film about the seabed.

Directed by Daniel Bird this film features the vocal stylings of Professor Elemental and over eighteen thousand individual drawings, some of which have been lovingly coloured in by craftsmen.

Now: ‘Leave my down below alone’.

Curiocity: In Pursuit of London

It seems the new book ‘Curiocity‘, which I have helped illustrate, along with 12 other illustrators has so delighted the reviewers at the Evening Standard that they have dedicated an entire double page spread to it in the printed edition. The online review is here. Furthermore the piece in the Standard so delighted the powers that be at Penguin that they decided to publish it early (on my birthday, which was nice of them). Thus it is now available to buy!

Alas, the noble hacks at the Standard failed to use one of my illustrations to go in the newspaper but they did at least select one of those by the excellent John Riordan thus proving their inestimable good taste.

T Papers2




A little cutaway-ing

Ages and ages ago I drew an accurate partial cutaway of a genuine actual thing for a change. Here it is.

IMG_0941 copy

Life Over Guy’s

Ages ago I was asked to draw something for Guy’s and St Thomas’s Hospital Trust. Realising only now that you may only see it if you are ill, I present it here for your education and delight (?). Note the London Bridge area with totally spurious North bank area. Take that reality!


The Palace that Joan Built

Collaboration time: I drew the middle bit of this as a collaboration with the ludicrously talented Mel Brimfield for a bit of her massive Transport for London commission that was on at Stratford tube station and celebrated the work of Joan Littlewood. All the best bits are hers.


Another aeroplane.


This is a sketch for my proposed but as yet unrealised graphic novel ‘Leg’. The aircraft is a Royal Aircraft Factory ‘Scout Experimental 5a’, you can see a real one for free in the Science Museum, South Kensington.

Farmer Rudder’s Flying Farm

This is what I drew and coloured in for my major work when I completed my MA in Illustration from Camberwell College of Art. It was for a children’s book that no publisher seemed to want to publish. Ho hum. Here it is annotated for your entertainment and delight.


Royal Aircraft Factory SE5a

I’m excited by this one! I’ve been experimenting with creating work digitally rather than in real life. The whole thing was drawn from scratch in photoshop. It depicts a Royal Aircraft Factory SE5a. You can see a real one at the RAF museum Hendon.

You can buy this image as print at my Society6 shop