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I now have a shop

Shop for my drawings on Society6! There are only a few drawings to choose from but I hope to add more soon.



How Christmas Works



Here is a promo film for Greenpeace France for which I drew backgrounds and things. This was directed and animated by the hugely talented Daniel Bird and Jarda Mrázek who collectively function as ‘Wit and Wisdom’. Do not watch if you have a beard.

Spent most of yesterday haunted by thoughts of crudely-drawn mustelids.

The Amazing Mr Smashing, a man I may have made up, has his own Twitter feed now. He likes to update everyone on what he’s been up to on a nearly daily basis. He likes these updates to take the form of hasty and ineptly rendered drawings, which is convenient. Here are a couple: ‘Spent most of yesterday haunted by thoughts of crudely-drawn mustelids’ Spent most of yesterday haunted by thoughts of crudely-drawn mustelids.

This is the kind of thrilling activity that rocks Mr Smashing’s world. See the rest and get more as they magically appear at:

Today I constructed a mud brick, such as was used in Ancient Egyptian times.’ 


It’s Film Time

Could you find two minutes and forty four seconds in your busy schedule to take a look at this animated film? Oh go on.

It was made by Daniel Bird and Jaroslav Mrázek with music by Russell Marsh, and features the vocal stylings of Matthew Gunning. The pictures were all (crudely and at great length) drawn by me. It is about PLASTIC and was produced for the marine environmental charity Seas at Risk (

I must warn you that the musical score is, to say the least, ‘catchy’.


How Poetry is Made

It’s the very thing everyone’s been dying to know since the ink dried on the papyrus of the Epic of Gilgamesh. Obviously nowadays poetry production is a lot more efficient and utilises many modern methods and here’s how it’s done. This was produced for the splendid poetry publisher ‘Pighog’ of Brighton. They’ve just published a novel you should read called ‘A Man Against a Background of Flames’ by Paul Hoggart.

But that’s not poetry, this is:


This is the sage, he is a genius.

Inside Nature: The Kitten

You can now buy me at Society6

Click on the picture to view the full horror up close. This was my entry in the exhibition From the Loom Room ( which has now ended so you can see it here in this electronic form but not in real life. Which is a shame, as it is better in reality and you could have seen the work of about 50 other talented Illustration types as well. Never mind.

My Favourite Bird of Prey with Tom Selleck and his Pal David Bowie


This is an extended insight into the realm of Tom Selleck revealing his love of birds of prey and his close friendship with David Bowie, musician and falconer, and some orphans. It was devised, created and made for the excellent excellent magazine Tiny Dancing which may be found here:

and here:

All the funky bird of prey facts are correct. Not all the Selleck/Bowie facts were totally verified at the time of going to press. Now read on. If you wish.

Ukelele Cabaret (13/3/12)

Here is a poster for the latest Ukelele Cabaret for you to look at. The main image of which is shamelessly ripped off from the excellent Tom Chantrell 1977 original. However if he had seen the obvious wisdom of including ukuleles in the first place then there would have been no call for me to have drawn this so as to include them. Thus it is his fault. As well as looking you can listen to the ukelele fun on the 13th. For free!