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Poor Charlton

It’s a maaadhouse!

The Mundane

Because no self-respecting megalomaniac semi-robotic psychopath would be seen dead in a creased cape.


This picture was designed to illustrate the concept of ‘Envy’. There is no more envious creature than a badger without a Walkman.

Another submarine 2

Here is a section through the submarine featured in ‘Another submarine’

As can be seen, there is a concert happening in the bar area of the submarine. The periscope room is very cramped and the diesel engine was manufactured by Kelvin of Glasgow. This was drawn for Patrick and Rachel who may be seen on guitar and voice respectively and is, like the other submarine, 12″ square.

Another submarine

Here is a submarine drifting towards Capetown that I was commissioned to draw for an album cover…

The submarine may be seen in cross section in the post ‘Another submarine 2’

it was too big for the scanner hence the weird camera-induced distortion.

Frozen Planet

I have been watching the excellent, excellent BBC documentary ‘Frozen Planet’ but have become increasingly worried about the film crews, you know the sort of thing: “Despite the water being cold enough to kill eighteen burly matelots simply by looking at it, Hector, chief cameraman, has decided to swim under the ice wearing only a jumper and sandals to film the krill in their totally utterly deadly natural environment”.

Thus I present a sensible design for aquatic filmmaking in colder climes. As may be seen, it is heated by a stove and there is plenty of floor space for coal and kindling, as well as shelves for snacks, film, spare lenses and the like. It is powered by an electric motor connected to a car battery and, if it were built, would be so comfortable that the Producer would have to lure the camera operative out with promises of massive three course dinners or once in a lifetime shots of polar bears/penguins (delete for appropriate hemisphere) or booze.


If you are in the UK, all episodes of Frozen Planet broadcast so far may be seen on BBC iPlayer:

Ukelele Cabaret (13/12/11)

Here is a poster for the latest Ukelele Cabaret for you to look at. As well as looking you can listen to the ukelele fun on the 13th. For free!

My stupid face

This is painted, with a brush. This is something I have not attempted before. So I thought I’d experiment by painting my stupid face. There, you’ve seen it now so go and look at something more interesting/competent.

Seemly Life Drawing

I did some life drawing recently and here are a couple of the results, tastefully edited for the more delicate viewer.

Enough or Too Much! 1


From Harry Pye’s “Enough or Too Much” exhibition based on the work and personage of William Blake. This one illustrates one of the “Proverbs of Hell”. The proverb: “The cut worm forgives the plow” (not “plough”, I checked)