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Inside Nature: The Kitten


You can now buy me at Society6

Click on the picture to view the full horror up close. This was my entry in the exhibition From the Loom Room ( which has now ended so you can see it here in this electronic form but not in real life. Which is a shame, as it is better in reality and you could have seen the work of about 50 other talented Illustration types as well. Never mind.

  1. Dr Huxtable permalink

    This is rather brilliant Ted. But you know that. I follow your blog you know. Hope that isn’t too stalkerish. These days I’m far too lazy to stalk anyone even if I felt like it but I’m too apathetic for that. Just to warn you years in advance that I’m putting on an exhibition in 2015 (well, probably) and will be calling on your epic drawing skills if you’re not too world famous by then to still speak to me….


  2. Dorothea the Persian permalink

    Enjoyed the musical “War Kitten” at the Ward Theatre at the weekend. Armed only with the power of Purr, these brave kittens have totally changed the way we think about fur.


  3. Dorothea the Persian permalink

    Even as I sit here the refrain from Fifi’s showstopping number comes unbidden to my inward ear: “When this lousy war is over, Oh how happy we shall be, On the lap of Auntie Esmeralda, And full cream Jersey Milk for tea.


  4. Evelyn permalink

    I saw this at the MA show at Camberwell, its great, pinched a postcard. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your drawings!


  5. dave pearce permalink

    I’m giggling hard ted…i found a copy of tiny dancing. The magnum/bowie combo is a masterpiece..darth ironing is a close second.
    Not quite as good as the recent restoration of
    Jesus by Maria Gonzales in Spain, but close.
    Keep it up’ve made my day.d


  6. Hello Ted saw your kitten illustration as part of Deptford X last night in that very eclectic show. Liked the humour and the 70s feel of your kitten’s interior. I’m not an artist but a therapist but don’t worry I’m not after your mind! Enjoy your MA. Cheers Sally Baker in sunny Brockley


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