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Frozen Planet


I have been watching the excellent, excellent BBC documentary ‘Frozen Planet’ but have become increasingly worried about the film crews, you know the sort of thing: “Despite the water being cold enough to kill eighteen burly matelots simply by looking at it, Hector, chief cameraman, has decided to swim under the ice wearing only a jumper and sandals to film the krill in their totally utterly deadly natural environment”.

Thus I present a sensible design for aquatic filmmaking in colder climes. As may be seen, it is heated by a stove and there is plenty of floor space for coal and kindling, as well as shelves for snacks, film, spare lenses and the like. It is powered by an electric motor connected to a car battery and, if it were built, would be so comfortable that the Producer would have to lure the camera operative out with promises of massive three course dinners or once in a lifetime shots of polar bears/penguins (delete for appropriate hemisphere) or booze.


If you are in the UK, all episodes of Frozen Planet broadcast so far may be seen on BBC iPlayer:


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  1. But that’s the OLD Beeb logo, as if you didn’t know…


    • Of course the use of a hand cranked camera, wooden tripod and coal burning stove are all absolutely fine for today’s cutting-edge BBC. Anyway this is the developed version, the prototype was built in 1974 and they never had time to repaint the logo on the rudder. Yes, that’d be it.


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